PT Kobelindo Compressors

PT Kobelindo Compressors is a sole distributor for Kobelco Screw Air Compressor in Indonesia including service and parts. It was founded in 2001 as a joint-venture company between Kobelco Machinery Asia & PT Cakrawala Ardera Kencana (CAK). We believe that the joint venture will become a strong synergy and a basis for potential business partner as well as guarantee for our customers to achieve their desired target of production. Kobelindo Compressors organization has earned a high reputation for technical leadership in system design and installation, and for uncompromising quality of services, in line with our philosophy that satisfied repeat customers are the lifeblood of our successful business.

Our Philosophy

Philosophy that means a lot to us

“Monozukuri” What makes it KOBELCO


“Monozukuri” literally means Production or Manufacturing in Japanese word. But this “Monozukuri” especially has meaning of integration of prowess, know-how, and spirit of Japanese manufacturing, which include sincere mind, pride for the quality backed by skill, dedication and the pursuit of innovation and perfection.


KOBELCO explores this “Monozukuri” for more than 100 years as a Japanese leading compressor manufacturer, and quality of our products are for the dedication to “Monozukuri” in the world.


Our endeavor for future technology, top quality, and for maximum customer satisfaction will not stop.


For the next 100 years… Never ending challenge of KOBELCO just starts here.

Our Philosophy

Message form President Director

“Good is never enough when better is expected.”


Based on the above statement, we have geared ourselves to face the challenges of becoming the better ones in giving the best in Sales and After Sales Services as a world player in Compressed Air Technology. We understand the need to be a reliable company to support our valuable clients in optimising their production. Reducing their down time is a serious matter that cannot be compromised Therefore we, PT Kobelindo Compressors have committed ourselves to becoming a good and reliable partner in providing world class service to our customers.


Rahadian Mahendra
President Director

Our Vision

To profitably grow by providing compressed air and industrial solutions as a customer and employee valued organization.

Our Mission

Provide value to our customers and employees to achieve success in business and life.


History of Kobelco Compressor

We will always continue to be “No. 1” with our “Only One” technology that responds to the needs of our customers. KOBELCO has continued to develop new products and technologies since it produced compressors for the first time in Japan in 1915. The “KOBELCO” brand and its products receive high evaluation both in Japan and overseas. We also produced the first screw-type air compressor, freezer, and vacuum pump in Japan. By reading customers’ needs and addressing them, we have produced our original technologies and “Only One” products that cannot be found anywhere else. Such achievements and experiences have lead to the development of our latest model and we have thus been “No. 1” in respective times. We will continue to be the front-runner in the industry by reflecting customers’ views in our technology and product development.

Produced Japan’s first reciprocating compressor using our own technologies and entered the compressor business.
Broke into screw compressor business with technological tie-up with SRM.
Launched Japanese first oil-free screw compressor.
Established a screw compressor production plant in Takasago, Hyogo.
Started production of oil injection type screw compressor.
Started selling general-purpose compressor “KST series” (single stage).
Started selling standard air compressors (two-stage).
Broke into centrifugal compressor business.
Adopted an asymmetric screw rotor profile to improve performance.
Started selling package type screw compressor “KST series”.
Completed a standard compressor production plant in Okubo.
Started selling package type two stage oil-free screw compressors “B/BT series”.
Broke into the standard small-sized air compressor business (7.5 – 11kW).
Marked the 20,000-unit mark in cumulative shipments of screw compressors.
Started selling energy-saving, standard Super Economy Series compressors.
Developed Kobelco proprietary Super Rotor profile to greatly improve performance.
Started selling oil-free single-stage compressor “ALS series”.
Started selling single stage type vacuum pump “KV series” .
Started selling Air Mate Series (1.5 – 3.7kW).
Completed a standard compressor plant in Harima.
Started selling ultracompact “new air mate series”(1.5 – 5.5kW).
Launched Air Mate Series (7.5 – 11kW); all models come standard equipped with a dryer.
Serialized compact / ultra compact type compressor as “air mate”.
Completed and launched HandSome Series (22 – 75kW) with an automatic drainage system.
Developed Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) with a self-diagnosis function.
Launched Sukesan Series (1.5 – 3.7kW).
Started selling two-and-half-stage closed screw refrigerator “SH-F (water cooling) series”.
Launched March Series (5.5 – 11kW).
Remodeled medium-sized machine “Handsome series” (15.22kW).
Launched medium-sized Emeraude Series “FE” (1.5 – 37kW).
Launched large-sized Emeraude Series (45kW – ).
Launched Kobelco Inverter Series with an IPM motor.
Started selling large-sized single stage machine “HMJ series” (90 – 150kW).
Started selling oil-free scroll machine “ES series” (1.5 – 15kW).
Started selling compact / ultracompact machine “ASCM” (1.5 – 5.5kW).
Started selling medium-sized inverter “Kobelion” (15 – 75kW)
Kobelion received “The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award (technique)” and “Japan Machinery Federation Chairperson Award ” as an excellent energy-saving instrument.
Started selling two oil-free compressor “FE series” (15 – 37kW).
Started selling two stage oil-free compressor “(VF/VE) series inverter”.
Started selling “Kobelion VS multi” (110 – 150kW).
“Kobelion series” won “New Machine Promotion Award”.
Started selling large-sized two stage machine “Kobelion LT/ST” (160 – 220kW).
Started selling large-sized oil-free type “ALE” (305 – 370kW).
Developed and Started selling medium size inverter “KobelionII” (15 – 75kW) to be manufactured in China.
Started selling water injection type oil-free machine “Aqua series” (22 – 37kW).
Started selling oil-free type “ALE II”(55 – 290kW)
Changed model of small size oil-injection type “CM” to “SG”(7.5 – 11kW)
Developed and Started selling medium size oil-free type “FE” (15 – 55kW) to be manufactured in China.
Started selling oil-free type “New ALE” (132 – 160kW)