Oil Injected - Japan Model


Motor Power

7.5 – 15 kW

Discharge air flow

1.0 – 2.35 m3/min

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Simple, small but strong

Sophisticated basic functions of KOBELION are packaged into compact body. You can feel genuineness here as well.

Direct Gear Drive

The design, Direct Gear Drive Construction already used for bigger size of SG, is newly applied to compact type. More improved methods – Direct Gear Drive doesn’t require adjustment of belt and Double Lip Seal enhances sealing capability to reduce maintenance time and effort.

Easy operation, simple maintenance

Auto drain removal function

Compressors could generate drain, but removing drain by yourself is sometimes troublesome. With Auto drain removal function, compressor can automatically remove drain and avoid risk of related troubles.

Outstanding toughness


Thanks to sophisticated cooling system design and internal flow of thermal air, it can be operated up to 45°C of surrounding condition with enough safety margin.