Oil Free - Shanghai Model

Emeraude ALE

Motor Power

45 – 120 kW

Discharge air flow

5.4 – 17.2 m3/min

kompresor sekrup, screw kompresor

Supreme energy efficiency,
Utmost reliability for air quality.

Reliable Air- ends

  • Reliability and efficiency backed by over 60 year history of oil-free technology.
  • Teflon coated Air-ends and 2nd stages Stainless steel enhance anti-corrosion.

Energy saving Plate fin cooler (water cooled)

  • Water-in-tube design Plate-Fin-Tube Cooler can reduce pressure loss at cooler portion 1/5 compare to usual Shell & Tube type cooler.
  • Less accumulation of Silica in water camber.

Stable pressure control for Inverter model Energy saving logic for Fixed speed model ( Common to FE )

Stable pressure control of Inverter model keeps the line pressure lower. And the pressure fluctuation is kept within 0.01MPa. Energy saving logic of Fixed speed model forcibly switch loading to unloading at every capacity control cycle (min 23sec). Excessive pressure rise is eliminated and energy loss is minimized.

Class 0 certified

KOBELCO has received Class 0 certification ( IS08573-1 [-:-:0] ) for <Emeraude ALE> series from international test institute called TUV which certifies the highest level of purity for quality classifications of compressed air.

Long life cycle

Long Overhaul cycle has been achieved thanks to long life cycle bearings.


Standard Overhaul cycle

Durable for high ambient temperature (Common to FE)

Reviewing the total cooling system including design of coolers and cooling fan with safety margin, the compressor can operate even under ambient temperature of 45°C.

*Long-time continuous operation at ambient temperatures of 40°C or higher may shorten lifetime of components such as electric equipment and 0-rings comparing with normal operation.

User friendly LCD controller (Common to FE)

This monitor can be used not only to keep track of the operating conditions but also to set the discharging pressure, etc. The operating records, graphic displays, weekly timers, daily reports and weekly report management, can be conducted.



  • Operation data can be output through “Modbus” (optional).
  • The front control panel of the controller is complete with a waterproof specification equivalent to IP65.


Principal features and displays