Oil Free - Japan Model

Emeraude FE•VF•VE

Motor Power

22 – 55 kW

Discharge air flow

2.0 – 7.9 m3/min

Energy saver with Two-stage compression.

Highly efficient Two-stage compression

Emereude FE’s Two-stage compression is 8-28% more efficient than typical single stage oil-free screw type. Also, it can decrease discharge temperature which leads to reliability.

Proven reliability

  • KOBELCO’s unique dual vent holes design prevents oil entry in compressor chamber and ensure Oilifree”. (Please see page6 for more detail I.
  • Statefotithei art “Gamma Profile. Rotor and Casing with advanced FEM analysis enhances reliability of heart of compressor.
  • MoS2 coated Am ,ends and 2nd stage’s stainless steel improve antlicorroslon.
  • Designed for continuous operation under 40°C ambient condition with +5°C allowance.