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 Our After Sales Service

The PT Kobelindo Compressors After Sales team is made up of three departments, each with specific but interconnected functions.  The first department is the Product Support Department.  They are responsible for inspecting our customer’s compressor(s) monthly, and in certain situations, once every two months.  This service is free of charge and the customer will be provided with a written report of the inspection.  The aim of this inspection is in line with our mission, to provide value to our customers, to help them achieve success.  We prefer to take a preventive step rather than a reactive step, to minimise and avoid unnecessary downtime.  Our Product Support Engineers will offer the necessary spare parts and remind our customer(s) when their compressor(s) are due for a service.
The second department is the Service Department.  They perform the tasks of disassembling, replacing the worn out spare parts, and reassembling the compressors.  We have a strong team of competent technicians that have many years of experience with our compressors.  They routinely receive training from our principal, so as to keep abreast of the current developments of Kobelco air compressors.  We, in turn, pass on this valuable knowledge to our customers.  We hold training and seminars quarterly, absolutely free of charge.
Lastly, we have the Supply Department.  This department is responsible for the spare parts needed to perform the services.
We have also introduced a service contract program.  This is a logically and chronologically laid out plan aimed at simplifying the service process, as it will be mapped out for the next twelve months.  The program has had tremendous success, and we hope to introduce more customers to it.
It goes without saying that we have the full support of Kobelco, both in Japan, and in Singapore.  From the training of the technicians, to the supply of spare parts for our customers, to sorting out warranty claims. 

Why Use Genuine Kobelco Parts ?

Genuine Kobelco parts are manufactured to meet the same exacting standards as your compressor. They have passed the same endurance tests and have been proven to provide the best protection of your investment. Genuine function-specific parts offer the best value. Guaranteed!

Service Plan

This plan covers all of Kobelco's recommended servicing, at the correct intervals and in a proactive manner. With fixed annual maintenance costs for a predetermined period, we give you peace of mind in your maintenance cost forecasts.
We also take care of all planning and data storage during the agreement period. Any additional work identified during servicing is quoted on a fixed-price basis.

 This Service Plan includes :

  • Planned maintenance, including all required parts and oil
  • Spare parts available 24/7 from the Kobelco Service Center
  • Access to a 24/7 emergency contact system
  • Diagnostics – SPM (shock pulse monitoring) and temperature and data analysis
  • Detailed reporting
All preventive maintenance labor during normal working hours is also covered.
You can also customize the plan to suit any individual company requirements.

Kobelco Rental Compressors

With Rental compressors, customer support is strategically located around Indonesia. Our fleet of oil-free and oil-flooded compressors can be deployed at any time to satisfy the needs of any application.We also tailor fully packaged solutions with other products to complement your compressed air equipment.

Training Programs

In the pursuit of customer satisfaction, PT. Kobelindo Compressors provides a training program / technical meeting for our customer(s). This training or technical meeting can be held at the PT. Kobelindo Compressors office or at the customer's site.
The training or technical meetings held at PT. Kobelindo Compressor are conducted regularly 3 times per year. The training includes class training and workshop training




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