Energy Saving Analysis


Various strategies are being implemented on a global scale in order to hold back global warming, part of the environmental problems brought about by the destruction of the environment today. Japan made a declaration to reduce by 6% the 1990 annual emissions of greenhouse gases, which are causing global warming, between 2008 and 2012. This reduction target became an obligation with the official ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Furthermore, aside from the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the number of businesses certified for IS014000 series standards, indicating their intention for the environment, has been on a path of continued increase, year after year. Global environment conservation and energy conservation strategies have become an essential factor for business activities of the future. At the KOBELCO Group, we have been, as pioneering manufacturers of air compressors, establishing a variety of technologies to keep energy consumption to a minimum. We have been offering proposals for the conservation of energy by providing energy conserving equipment and offering increased efficiency for overall systems so that our customers may gain the full benefit of these technologies. We ask you to take this opportunity to read through these "Energy Saving Proposed by KOBELCO". We will continue to make the utmost efforts to contribute to the energy conservation strategies of our customers in the future .

Electrical Power Consumption of Air Compressors

Air compressors consume large amounts of electrical power in comparison with other equipment. It is for this reason that KOBELCO is able to contribute to the energy conservation of manufacturing plants as a whole, by limiting the energy consumption with our air compressors.
* Reference s: The overall electrical power consumption of Japan in FY2006 was 889.4 billion kWh (source: Web site of the Federation of Electrical Power Companies of Japan).The overall electrical power consumption of air compressors was approximately 44.5 billion kWh.

Running Cost of Air Compressors

Energy saving of an entire factory

Business activities are impossible without using energy. In particular, there are various machines installed in a manufacturing line of a factory. Compressors are one of the major power sources for those machines. How can we save the energy used for the compressors? It is necessary to review the entire factory as a system , not limited to the improvement of compressor efficiency. The pursuit of efficiency of manufacturing system and equipments is essential for our urgent needs for energy saving and the prevention of global warming.

KOBELCO measures the data of a factory that has introduced compressors regardless of the brand of compressor installed. The measurement method adopted by KOBELCO is not a method to convert the measurement results of electric current values into the load status, but a method to measure the load status of each compressor directly. Therefore, the data is most accurate and it is possible to know the situations of energy consumption of a factory in a more practical manner.
Outline of Energy Saving Analysis

Details of Energy Saving Analysis
Diagnosis of compressed air supply side
  • Compressor operation status
  • Load/unload ratio
  • Discharge pressure/tank pressure/line pressure
  • Air supply volume (entire factory & by each line)
  • Annual electric power consumption and electric power expenses
Diagnosis at equipment/pipeline side
Survey of pressure loss
  • Receiver tank pressure
  • Pressure before and after each filter
  • Line pressure
  • Pressure before and after a dryer
Diagnosis at compressed air consumption line side
  • Air consumption volume (entire factory & by each line)
  • Supply pressure
  • Air leakage volume
  • Measurement of unnecessary air consumption volume during manufacturing line shutdown






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