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Providing the ultimate in clear air
The oil-free design introduces absolutely no oil to the rotor chamber in process. Stainless steel shaft-seal rings are used to prevent the generation of carbon dust, and Kobelco's patented twin atmospheric shaft vents prevent lubricating oil from contaminating the compression chamber even during extended unload operation.
Full mode line up

Models are available with discharge pressures of 0.39-1.03 MPa, and outputs of 270-375 kW
High reliability design reduces maintenance

The number of parts requiring routine replacement has been . reduced, and where used, they have been designed for safety and high durability so as to simplify daily inspections and extend the period between routine maintenance
Great improvement in discharge air flow

All models feature Kobelco's unique Super Rotor and specially designed AL series motors.
Automatic monitoring functions for economical operation

Operation requires only a simple press of the START/STOP button
Optimized for low noise and vibration

The ultimate in quiet operation has been produced through the use of a rational structure and highly efficient sound-insulated package design. In addition to the low innate vibration produced by the screw compressor,rubber isolators have been introduced around the compressor body, motor and peripheral instruments to optimally cushion and dampen vibration.



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