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Kobelco’s Wide Range Control provides maximum air volume at your required pressure.Remarkable expansion has been achieved in range control and low-pressure operation range. Realizing the biggest air volume under low-pressure operation has met energy-saving needs and provided abundant merit for users.

Equipped with the world's first IPM motor.
IPM motor achieves higher efficiency than either general-purpose induction motors or high-efficiency induction motors.
Specifically designed inverter couple with IPM motor can make a power-saving effect that no-conventional inverter can make.
More stable features supporting Kobelco inverter  

Built-in Higher harmonic reactor as standard

Soft Start by KOBELCO Inverter

It reduces peak current when starting-up ,  thus ensuring smooth start-up and reducing power supply equipment cost


It reduces harmonics generated by the inverter.

* Complies with harmonics suppression guidelines by the Japan Electrical Manufacture's Association (JEMA)

Stable operation under adverse condition


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