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Two-stage compression design (standard equipment for all models)

A two-stage compressor is adopted to achieve energy saving, reduction of running costs, and improvement of reliability. The
efficiency of this series has gone up 9~34% than that of single-stage oil-free compressors.
Low noise

The noise of exhaust hot air have beed reduced by using inverter sirocco fan. At unload or low ambient temperature operation, the inverter sirocco fan operate at lower Rpm and reduced the noise level. The improved design suction duct also help to achieve lower suction noise.
Reduction of pulse noise






A perforated panel silencer is adopted to reduce high-frequency noise (more then 1KHz,) and uncomfortable noise.
*Available only for FE640/770.

Advanced "Energy-Saving Logic"*functions now standard *(patented)

Minimized Capacity control
  • Pressure control range: The Emeraude series features the most efficient control system with a narrower pressure control range of 0.05MPa compared to the conventional pressure control range of 0.1MPa.
  • With the introduction of "Energy-Saving Logic", unload operation is forcibly performed at every 23 seconds of capacity control cycle. By reducing the unload pressure,excessive load operation is eliminated. Through the combination of load-unload switching and timer control, power consumption has been reduced even below previous Kobelco models, producing an economical two-stage high-efficiency compressor, while also reducing running costs.

Inverter cooling fan

In the Emeraude-FE series the cooling fan is also controlled by inverter to further save energy.
  • The Rpm of the inverter fan is proportional to ambient temperature and load ratio. So that power saving can be achieved with low ambient temperature and low load operation.
  • Temperature inside the compressor unit can be so stable that the durability is improved.
New Type Electronic monitor with liquid crystal display

Alternate operation function of two units
  • Graph display of operation history, weekly timer, daily report management, maintenance information, and operation status.
 *For details on features refer to pages 1 and 2 
Improving on durability for ambient temperature.

A Large cooling fan, fan exhaust cooling system, and the top horizontal position of the cooler are adopted.
  • Cooling capability has been improved at 60% than the one of the previous models.
  • Possible to use & operate the compressor under ambient temperature of 45oC.

Long-life design Improvement on motor durability
Totally Enclosed Fan cooled motor is selected to reduce motor coil temperature and motor bearing temperature,and that leads to a significant improvement on reliability eventually. A measuring function of motor coil temperature has been installed for standard equipment.

High-performance intake filter

A two-stage separation system (centrifugal separation and filtering separation with high dust collection efficiency)
is adopted as a counter measure against dusty environments
Improved protection for electric parts

  • Momentary interruption protection: Within 0.5 sec
  • Automatic reset from power failure: 0.5 to 20 sec
  • Built-in 12,000-V thunder surge killer and noise filter
Environmental Friendly

Using new type of refrigerant
R407C of no ozone destruction coefficient is used foa all dryers.
Using new intake valves
To prevent oil contamination, air pressure is used for capacity control, instead of oil pressure


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