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Eliminate energy loss with optimum capacity control and pressure stabilizing control

No matter what the load condition, Kobelco inverter control achieves ideal energy savings without unnecessary motor rotation. Instantly responding to any changes in demand pressure, pressure fluctuation could be minimized within ±0.01 Mpa, Thus supplying the required air volume with precisely
controlled operating energy.

Energy Saving with pressure stability control Optimum capacity control by Variable Speed Control                                                      
Equipped with the world's first IPM motor
IPM motor achieves higher efficiency than either general-purpose induction motors or high-efficiency induction motors.
Specifically designed inverter couple with IPM motor can make a power-saving effect than no-conventional inverter can make.

Focus of energy savings from "suppression" to "effectiveuse"                                                                   
Kobelco's wide range control provides maximum air volume at your required pressure. Remarkable expansion has been achieved in range control and low pressure operation range. Realizing the biggest air volume under low-pressure operation has met energy-saving needs and provided abundant merit for users.

Capability for high pressure applications (optional for ALE)

 Air cooled unit (0.88 MPa), water cooled unit (0.93 MPa)
Line pressure control (optional)

 The compressors can be controlled by detecting the pressure from the air line.
  • Maintain necessary pressure in the line
  • The best energy saving operation is possible with an optimized discharging pressure
  • Keep track of the pressure losses (losses in electric power consumption)

Built-in Higher harmonic reactor as standard
 It reduces harmonics generated by the inverter
* complies with harmonic suppression guidelines by the Japan Electrical Manufacture's Association (JEMA)
Soft start by KOBELCO Inverter
It reduces peak current when starting-up, thus ensuring smooth start-up and reducing power supply equipment cost
Stable operations under various environments  

ITCS Controller, Finest standard of user-friendly interface (for FE,ALE,AVE)
This monitor can be used not only to keep track of the operating condition but also to set the discharging pressure, etc.
The operating records, graphic displays, weekly timers, daily reports and weekly report management, can be conducted
  • Operation data can be output through "modubs" (optional)
  • The front control panel of the controller is complete with a waterproof specification equivalent to IP65
Principal features and displays

Pre-alarm system to avoid sudden failure
 Mechanism of pre-alarm system
 The ITCS Controller is equipped with a sophisticated early pre-alarm system with self-diagnostic function, display functions, warning functions and an automatic stopping function to prevent sudden failures. The computer determines the condition of the compressor, based on information derived from the sensor detections and data settings. Since the necessary maintenance information is notified by messages and lamps, the ITCS Controller not only makes it ease to perform daily inspections and management, but the early detection of problems and rapid responses also can be possible. Since external output terminals for a combined display of individual functions, such as maintenance, alarm and abnormal stop, are standard equipment, it is possible to manage operating conditions outside the machine room, where the equipment is installed
Alternating the operation of two units without a control panel (standard feature)
Two-unit alternate operation of Emeraude models can be done by simple wiring. Unlike conventional units, no specifically designed pane for two-unit alternate operation
is needed. First-Started unit or Next-Started unit can be selected from the monitor
Adjust pressure setting of each individual compressor when connectiong an inverter unit and a standard unit as better energy saving can be obtained by fixingg the setting of the inverter unit to those of capacity regulated unit


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