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Noise Reduction (Kobelion's unique noise reduction strategy)

The use of a new type rotor design,the two-box unit design, new dust filter structure,and optimization of the sound absorbing material suppress operating noise, not only on the front side of the unit, but in any directions. New unit design also contributes to gentler operating sound. Moreover, the AG/SG900~1230 (Air-cooled models)employs an inverter cooling fan in an attempt to further noise reduction

New design if the dust filter sstructre enlarges the intake surface area
The world's highest level of clean air is supplied

The reduction of the opening area and enlargement of the intake surface area enable the intake of more clean air and significantly reduce noise coming from the sides of the unit

The use of a large oil separator element reduces oil mist in discharge air to 0.002cc/m3 or less. The resulting reduction in consumption of lubricating oil cuts the annual running cost

New type refrigerant  Improved dust resistance
Kobelion built-in dryers are all furnished with new type refrigrerant (R407C) with zero ozone-destruction-coefficient
Intake filters for cooling air and the air-intake port to the air-end have been enlarged. Enhanced resistance to dusty environments has also been provided by introducing a two-stage centrifugal dust-removal process
Automatic oil reclaim system of mechanical seal
Waste oil from the mechanical seal does nit need to be discharged outside

Increased durability against high ambient temperature
Surge killer against 12,000V lighting and Noise filter are built in. (AG)

The two-box design inside the package allows for efficient cooling of the unit. Larger coolers and use of a double-sirocco fan enables operation without
unexpected shutdown even at an ambient temperature as high as 45o C
* Long-time continuous operation at an ambient temperature of 40o C or higher may shorten the life of lubricating oil,electrical components O-rings, etc. compared with normal operation
Inverter cooling fan (AG/SG900~1230)

The use of an inverter-controller cooling fan reduces
power consumption of the fan under low loading operation

  • A Waste of electricity consumption is minimized by controlling fan rotations with discharge air temperature.
  • Durability is improved by stabilizing temperature inside the compressors unit.
  • The fan rotation speed is forcefully raised in a high temperature environment to increase cooling capacity
Motor protection function mounted Energy-Saving design of built-in dryer's drain solenoid valve

A totally-enclosed motor is used in all AG and SG models. The motor is protected by the standard equipment of the motor coil temperature detection mechanism The dryer's solenoid valve timer stops while the compressors is out of operation. Thus, air discharge caused by useless drain motion is terminated to prevent the line pressure drop 

Momentary interruption and power outage protection with automatic restart are in place

 Momentary interruption protection...up 0.2sec Power outage protection with automatic restart...up to 20sec

Long Life Poly-V Belt
Replacement interval is every 12,000 hours. Tension adjustment is not needed during that time

Equipped with Water-Removal function
Daily drainage of condensed moisture is not required

New type controller (SG)



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