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Focus of Energy Saving shifts from "Suppression" to "Effective use"

By direct couple IPM high-speed motor to the compressors.

 Change in air volume with Wide-Range Control of Kobelion
(The Increase rate of air volume shows the maximum increase rate when the air volume of a conventional unit is at 100%)

Highest-level energy-saving line-up at low discharge pressure range [Discharge pressure 0.69-0.39 MPa] 
Remarkable expansion of Wide Range Control and low-pressure operation range.The biggest air volume under low-pressure operation to satisfy your energy-saving demands with abundant merits.

Usefulness pursued at general pressure range [Discharge pressure 0.69-0.59 MPa]
The biggest air volume under discharge pressure range of conventional inverter compressor with Wide-Range Control.

 Kobelion's Wide-Range Control is supported by two control methods, "constant pressure control" and a new function, "constans power control."

Constant pressure control Constant power control
This control method is a standard feature of inverter compressors and saves energy by controlling compressors R.P.M. while maintaining discharge pressure constantKobelion offers a unique energy-saving method of gaining extra discharge air volume by using surplus power due to lowered maximum discharge pressure

Higher effeciency purpued to maximize Wide-Range Control advantages
Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) high-speed motor Equipped with the world's first IPM high-speed motor that enables Wide-Range Control

Energy-saving performance under low load condition is uncompromisingly pursued. Expansion of the inverter control range to 10~125%, from 20~100% of a conventional unit, accomplishes optimum energy-saving at any operating condition
No electromotive force is required (slipless) as permanent magnet is built in the motor rotor. Higher total efficiency than the ones of standard induction motors & High-Efficiency induction motors. Down in size and weight thanks to a small amount of energy loss (heat generation)

Supreme performance pursued by redesigning basic structure of the rotors
(the core component)

A new screw profile with 5-lobe male/6-lobe female rotors is introduced instead of conventional 4-lobe male/6-lobe female design. Rotor shaft diameter is enlarged to meet high-speed rotation under wide-range control. new design reduces mechanical loss and increases discharge air volume by maximum 5.6% at 0.69 MPa. Durability and reliability are also significantly improved

Buil-in overhang direct-coupling construction
(IPM high-speed motor direct-coupling structure)
Structure to minimize energy loss

Inverter fan (Air cooled models only)
Cooling fan is inverter-controlled type in Kobelion.
Energy loss of cooling fan in conventional units have been solved

Energy loss in minimized by ekiminating mechanical loss at power transmission components, such as belts and gears that can be found in a conventional compressors. Also, the built-in overhang direct-coupling
construction and totally enclosed structure of IPM high-speed oil-proof motor eliminate mechanical seal and thus reduce mechanical loss
Wasteful energy consumption is minimized by the control of fan speed in proportion to the discharge air temperature. Also, durability is improved by stabilizing the temperature inside the compressors unit.


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