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ITCS is in place to enhance labor and energy saving

Kobelco's Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS) was developed by mobilizing ultimate Kobelco's mechatronic technology and was employed for the first time in the HandSome compressor series. ITCS features a self-diagnosis function and prevents the compressor from coming to an abrupt halt, and make it easy to perform maintenance. Also, the ITCS allows for the optimal capacity control suitable for different air demand patterns.
Weekly timer for easy operation management

Two new functions are added to the ITCS electronic monitor. The weekly timer allows the setting of a total of 21 patterns of times and days to start and stop the compressor. The timer is also enables simple group control operation.
Operating-history recording function

As a crowning touch to the high level of ITCS self-diagnosis functions, an operating-history recording function has also been provided as standard equipment. Whenever one of the M-C-E warning lamps lights, the machine's operating status at that moment is recorded in memory. The memory is capable of constantly monitoring 250 sets of data, allowing the user to accurately comprehend the sequence of events leading up to the display of messages in the electronic monitor panel and changes in unit operating status before a malfunction. This information is also useful for confirming performance characteristics and monitoring unit operation.

Increased reliability and efficiency

The unique super rotors increase efficiency. A totally closed fan motor is featured as standard to prevent the entry of dust and moisture from the outside and maintains stable operation of the compressor.


Air-Cooled Models


  • Discharge air volumes have been converted to compressor intake conditions.
  • Noise values are measured in anechoic chamber at a height of 1 m and a distance of 1.5 m from the front of the unit.
  • The discharge pressure gauge measures the pressure inside the oil separator element.
  • Air produced by these compressors should not be used in respiratory equipment furnishing air for direct inhalation.
  • Specifications and descriptions are subject to change without notice.


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